You are a successful entrepreneur!The Sapphire Girls

  • You’ve built a business that serves your clients handsomely.
  • You are entering into another growth phase in your business.
  • You’re ready for more and newer revenue streams .
  • You’re expanding into an even bigger client base.
  • You’ve got streamlined systems in place to support your growth.
  • You have a team but are tired of managing them.
  • You think the business could run without you.
  • You’re earning at least low 6 figures and you have plans to grow even bigger.
  • You’ve grown substantially already and you need someone to manage your business.

An Online Business Manager is perfect for your business model.

Karen Croll and Lisa Jackson, The Sapphire Girls, are the Certified Online Business Managers (OBMs) who add radiant profitability to your business. We’re skilled at honing and refining business to a polished and profitable gleam. We offer Documented, Individualized, Centralized and Automated (DICA) support with the care of jewelers for our precious inventory of valuable clients.