We Manage Your Events For You!

It’s about where stuff gets done.

At the top of your marketing funnel are many ways to attract the attention of potential clients. Hosting an event is one of those ways, and it’s one that The Sapphire Girls especially enjoy managing for your company.

  • We use an event management program which insures that no detail gets missed.
  • We will handle pre-event registration for you and keep you apprised of those numbers regularly.
  • We will research and secure the venue where the event will be held.
  • We will stay in constant communication with the attendees right up until the event.
  • We work collaboratively and closely with the on-site hosts to insure a dazzling event.
  • And after the event, we will provide you with the metrics that measure the success of the event.

We add pizazz to your event because of our own avid interest in your company and its success. We love providing answers to all the questions attendees invariably ask. We have a firm calendar of due-dates that move us toward the event. We’re flexible enough to adapt to changes, because – don’t you just know it? – there will always be changes. We look for ways to make your event stand out and become memorable. We insure that the details of your vision become possible. Why? Because they are fun, and people remember fun.

Karen and Lisa are happy to be your support in all your pre and post-event requirements. You can hand it over to us, take a deep breath, and know its being handled professionally and profitably. They sparkle at Event Planning!

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