We Manage Your Projects For You!

It’s about getting stuff done.

Savvy, successful business owners bear the burden of a wide variety of duties. You know the challenges in keeping many plates spinning when you have to manage your projects: the planning, the organization, and then the overseeing of all your resources to move these tasks to completion. You do this while simultaneously administering the rest of your company and handling the personal tasks necessary for your family life.

When you hire Karen and Lisa to be your Online Business Manager (OBM,) we take these responsibilities from you, allowing you to focus on what you do best … and probably what you enjoy more.

  • We use our keen vision and our brilliance with using professional projects management tools to insure the on-time accomplishment of your projects.
  • We handle the communication with your team members.
  • We embrace the scope, schedule and resources procurement of your projects.
  • We use regular meetings with you to demonstrate the progress that’s been made along with strategizing the next steps.

Imagine the sense of freedom you’ll enjoy once you trust us to oversee and accomplish your projects for you. Your goals are our goals. While we are implementing your last idea, you can be designing the next one!

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