We Manage Your Team For You!

It’s about who gets the stuff done.

The Sapphire Girls love working with people. We understand Team Management, and using our Team Management skills, we work toward team buy-in to get behind the tasks you have chosen to implement. We believe in loyalty and trust. We work on teamwork, setting goals, achieving management objectives, inter-team communication, and performance appraisals.

We are your credible Team Managers. We implement the doing with successful efficiency. We oversee the delegation of tasks, the adherence to the team charter and schedule, the motivation and development of team members, and the widely-faceted communications needs that are requisite.

We will run your team meetings including brainstorming sessions, and we’ll negotiate with other teams when required because we’re very diplomatic.

We’ll consult regularly with you because we’re fabulous communicators, and we’ll manage any discipline with team members that becomes apparent. With you, we’ll manage the gap between knowing what needs to be done and actually implementing the doing.

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