Glistening Jewels Service Packages

Here at Virtually With You, we offer three glistening jewels as flat-rate packages. The choice is entirely up to you.

Sapphire Package

SapphiresSapphire is known for its beautiful color, its ability to withstand heat, and is one of the more highly-prized gemstones.

Our Sapphire Package is the ultimate in radiant Online Business Management. When you choose the Sapphire Package, you will be assisted by all of The Sapphire Girls (Karen, Lisa and Lorri).

Their expertise in business support provides you Complete Coverage. This team offers the rarity of their substantial skills sets, years of invaluable and successful experience, the scarcity of limited availability, and the increasing demand for:

  • Team management
  • Operations management
  • Project management
  • Financial management/bookkeeping
  • Live and Virtual Event management

Emerald Package

EmeraldsDue to the radiance of their color green, emeralds are oftentimes more valuable than diamonds. The rareness of emeralds’ color make them the standard for the color green.

Our Emerald Package has just one standard: Virtual Assistance. With the focus on the harmony and well-being of our clients, we are able to offer any of the following with glittering intensity:

  • customer service
  • client management *
  • appointment scheduling
  • survey setup
  • order processing *
  • training manual creation
  • website management
  • shopping cart maintenance *
  • newsletters *
  • blogs / vlogs
  • research
  • CRM/database management *

*  We specialize in using Infusionsoft system

Ruby Package

RubiesThe red of a ruby emphasizes deep emotion – love, anger, power and passion. Rubies are an ideal choice if you’re interested in wealth and success.

Our Ruby Package is all about the skills of our dazzling Lisa Jackson. She brings her power and passion to her clients through financial management and bookkeeping services.

This package includes the following services…

  • Accounting software setup via QuickBooks Online (monthly subscription not included)
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Document collection & storage
  • Expense and budget management
  • Semi-monthly meetings
  • Add-on: training on how to use your QuickBooks Online software (training 2 people included, each person beyond that is extra)

Payment Terms

The Ruby package is a 10-hour monthly package.  The Emerald and Sapphire packages are based on a block of hours (minimum 10 hours for Emerald package and 20 hours for Sapphire package). All service packages are paid for upon acceptance of the signed Agreement, prior to services being rendered (retainer style).

Payment Types Accepted

We will send a Square invoice towards the end of the retainer hours to renew for the next package or block of hours.  PayPal payments and checks are also accepted.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that there is a need to terminate the relationship, 30 days’ written notice is required to terminate the relationship.

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