What Our Fans Are Saying About Us!

Fia-Lynn CrandallFrom the moment that I hired Karen, she has freed up HOURS of my time!  She has grown with me over the years from a Virtual Assistant to a ‘rockstar’ Online Business Manager.  She is able to see the big picture yet she’s awesome with details (whether she’s taking care of them or managing them).  Everything gets done on time and to completion.  She responds in a timely manner and communicates well with me so I’m always aware of where things stand.  Without Karen on my team, I wouldn’t have the successful ‘rockin’ business I have today.  I love her!

She has freed up so much of my time to focus on what really matters and I am so grateful for her and all she brings to this company that is doing such important work in the world.

And more than anything I am so grateful to her for being an extremely supportive person and force in this business. She means a lot to me! She singlehandedly has improved my life so much, allowing me to do what I do best and handling the rest so I can do that.

Fia-Lynn Crandall
Fearless Faith


Karen McMullenIf you want solid, reliable support, you are lucky to have found Karen Croll.  Karen stepped in to help me at a time of overwhelm for me in my business. She immediately took things off my plate and freed up my time to focus on money-generating activities.  What a relief!  I am now living life in a way I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

She always follows through on what she says she will do, with a sense of urgency. Things get done and get done well.  She makes herself available and is a prompt, clear communicator. If you are lucky enough to work with Karen, count yourself among the blessed. She is the reliable behind-the-scenes person every entrepreneur dreams of.

Karen McMullen
Success Refuge


Jodi Sleeper-TriplettKaren is an amazing manager and a delightful person! She is well-organized, insightful and efficient. Whether it is a simple administrative task or a difficult project, Karen is always eager to get started, planning her time just right so as to finish my work in a timely manner. Within a month of working with Karen, I was able to confidently pass on responsibilities to her and focus on creating new business for my company. I consider Karen to be a part of my team and can’t imagine what I would do without her. Thank you, Karen!

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
JST Coaching


Kim SarrasinAs my business keeps growing in wonderful leaps and bounds, I’ve realized that I can no longer be a ‘one woman show’. It’s a huge pleasure to work with my very first Online Business Manager, Karen Croll. I’m blessed to have found this incredible woman who brings 18 years experience (and lots of fun!) to the table. It’s so cool because Karen actually lives all the way down in Maryland, USA but modern technology allows us to work ‘virtually’ together. Karen is an exceptionally organized, intuitive and charming woman.

Kim Sarrasin
The Queen of Hearts


Debbie LonerganLisa Jackson, of Virtually With You, was a wonderful addition to our virtual team. She proved herself to be intelligent, efficient and intuitive when it came to balancing our accounts, which hadn’t had proper attention in years.  Her insight, advice and candor were instrumental in helping us see where we could increase the profitability of our business by making a few simple changes. In addition, Lisa demonstrated a personal interest in helping us achieve our long term goals, which we are well on our way to meeting!

Debbie Lonergan